Polly Jeanneret

Polly Jeanneret

Areas of expertise:
Delivers specialist knowledge on employment and HR law including hiring, dismissals, managing redundancies, discrimination law, best practice, employment audits, restrictions and confidentiality, management training, moving jobs, new contracts and handbooks; managing difficult workplace situations from either employer or employee perspective.

What do you focus on for your clients

I solve client’s employment and HR problems, assisting both businesses and individuals on difficult workplace situations, redundancies and other dismissals. I give clients advice on HR best practice, contracts and handbooks, as well as on under-performance, misconduct, TUPE. I carry out employment audits and work with clients across a range of sectors.

Tell us about your professional background

I spent over ten years at City law firm, Charles Russell Speechlys before joining Halebury in 2007. I have advised financial services organisations, business consultancies, estate offices, new brands, technology businesses, as well as helping employees and executives.

Tell us a bit about your working style and other interests 

I work in partnership with the board, the senior management team or HR/financial professionals to resolve issues and improve workplaces. If I am working with an individual, I will work creatively with them to improve their situation in the workplace. I am also a professional law and current affairs writer under the name of Polly Botsford contributing to Legal Practice Magazine, Legal Cheek and other online and print publications. I am currently engaging with a number of legal academics to bring their work to the general public.

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Polly engages in our business to understand what we need. She is always flexible and always committed to us.