What does good look like for legal teams and senior in-house lawyers?

We’re about transformation. Providing people who deliver the skills, experience and efficiency clients demand and creating teams that operate effectively. You’ll find us to be forward thinkers who are always looking to do things with more intelligence and at a cost that matches the quality.

Every member of our team is a senior ex-in-house lawyer, offering extensive managerial experience, often at board level. You’ll benefit from a creative mindset that adds value the moment they arrive. Natural problem-solvers, they bring best practice – in people, process and technology – to help optimise a legal team and offer more value to an organisation. Consistent quality drives efficiency, delivers results and provides a genuine advantage to any business.


And we understand what many senior in-house lawyers demand from their careers – the ability to work with who they want, how they want, when they want. We help them to find their voice, earn their potential and make the most of their talents.

We are Halebury and we are in the business of law, the business of business, the business

of transformation.