Liam Brown

Liam Brown

HQ Team
Areas of expertise:
Founder and Executive Chairman of Elevate. Halebury Board member. Legal industry business person.

What do you focus on 

I help with the culture, priorities, operating rhythm, transparency and cross-functional cooperation that is needed so that my colleagues can exchange the information needed to make decisions, monitor progress, identify problems, and course-correct when necessary.

Tell us about your professional background

I launched Elevate as the law company to provide consulting, technology, and services to help General Counsel and law firm leaders imagine a better future – and help them get there. Previously I was the Founder, President and CEO of Integreon, an alternative legal service provider. Prior to Integreon, I was the Founder, President, and COO of a pioneering VC-backed virtual data room legal tech company, (now Merrill DataSite). I often speak at legal conferences and publish articles about trends in the legal sector. I’m an active investor in emerging legal technologies and an executive coach for founders of start-ups. I joined the Board of Halebury when they became an Elevate business in 2019.

Tell us a bit about your working style and other interests 

I hold dual ideas in my mind at the same time when trying to solve a problem, e.g. balancing systems, data and machines on the one hand – and people, expertise and relationships on the other. I believe the legal industry increasingly requires interdisciplinary capabilities to solve emerging business problems.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife, son, daughter, and dog. And I love the outdoors!

This week is a significant milestone in Halebury’s evolution as we announced that we have been acquired by Elevate, the US-based market leading law company that provides sophisticated technology, people, data science and consulting tools to the legal sector, acting as a strategic partner to law firms and in-house teams. Our team at Halebury have […]
09 January 2019
LONDON – 8th January 2019 – Law company Elevate today announced it has acquired Halebury, the UK NewLaw firm. Halebury will be an Elevate business, retaining its own team. With UK-regulated Halebury on board, Elevate provides both in-house legal teams and law firms with a 360-degree service offering spanning talent, resourcing, consulting, technology and managed […]
08 January 2019

I think of my role as “Leading Like a Gardener”. A gardener cannot actually “grow” tomatoes or beans – he or she can only foster the environment in which the plants do so. Similarly, successful businesses grow in an environment in which people and new ideas can thrive.

Liam Brown