John Croft

John Croft

HQ Team
Areas of expertise:
President and Co-Founder of Elevate. Halebury Board member. Legal industry business person.

What do you focus on 

I try to help our clients make their law department or law firm more efficient. I make sure that Elevate brings all the right people, processes and technology to bear to achieve this outcome. I do everything I can to make sure we have a fabulous relationship with our customers and that everyone LOVES working with us!

Tell us about your professional background

We launched Elevate as the law company to provide consulting, technology, and services to help General Counsel and law firm leaders imagine a better future – and help them get there. Previously I was President at Integreon, where I ran our sales and marketing functions. Prior to Integreon, I was the CEO of a division of ADP that we spun off and took private. I often speak at legal conferences about trends in the legal sector. I joined the Board of Halebury when they became an Elevate business in 2019.

Tell us a bit about your working style and other interests 

I have not had a desk in an office since 2003. I spend my time with the people I need to, in order to make the things happen that need to happen. I am a fast walker, an energetic empath, an enthusiastic optimist. I believe that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

I live in London and Oxford with my wife and we have three highly entrepreneurial children!

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04 June 2019

I think we are in the midst of fabulously exciting change in the legal industry. As you will often hear me say, the future is bright!

John Croft