Helen Burness

Helen Burness

HQ Team
Areas of expertise:
Helen is a marketing consultant and works closely with the Board leading on marketing strategy and implementation.

What do you focus on 

I am a marketing consultant with Halebury and work closely with the board across all areas of marketing with a focus on profile.

Tell us about your professional background

I have over 16 years’ of experience working for a range of legal services providers from global law firm Eversheds (now Eversheds Sutherland) to progressive chambers Hardwicke to Halebury itself, where I was Head of Marketing for six years. I love the firm so much I continue to support them as an external consultant! My diverse experience enables me to operate in an entrepreneurial way with the benefit of a more traditional marketing background.

Tell us a bit about your working style and life outside lawyering

I aim to provide straight-forward, accessible, jargon-free and commercial marketing advice. I believe strongly in collaboration and working in a way that is both positive and dare I say it, fun. Outside Halebury I have two young children who keep me busy and a bolthole in the French countryside where we all regularly go to escape hectic London life and to indulge in too much patisserie.

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