Chris Bick

Chris Bick

HQ Team
Areas of expertise:
Finance, Financial Reporting, Annual Accounts, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Operational Finance

What do you focus on for your clients

I head up the Finance function for Halebury working across all aspects from financial reporting, annual accounts and managing transactions from accounts payable to accounts receivable, payroll, control accounts and general operational finance.

Tell us about your professional background

I have worked in finance for over 20 years and have experience across a range of sectors from telecoms, financial services and banking. I have worked for businesses including the Royal Bank of Scotland, JCB International Credit Cards and Schindlers Attorneys.

Tell us a bit about your working style and other interests 

I am commercially-minded and enjoy developing strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders. I really enjoy mentoring young people who are starting out on their journey to become an accountant. I am London born and bred, born in Westminster and live in Fulham and outside work I enjoy being Uncle Extraordinaire to my young nephew and niece.

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It is exciting to be part of a NewLaw firm who are looking to deliver a range of legal resourcing solutions to clients, and to work so closely with the leadership team here at Halebury.

Chris Bick